Lauren is from Fayetteville, NC where she became know for her athletic talents. She was recruited by Western Carolina University for softball and set numerous records while there. As a college athlete, Lauren gained professional advice in speed and agility, fast pitch and muscle recovery.

Lauren moved to Anderson, SC and became a person trainer in 2012 where she studied under Mr. USA 1988 for 3 years. During that time, Lauren competed in SNBF Natural Body building competition within the figure category. As a Novice, she won 5th place.  Lauren, then felt led to start her own personal training studio where she can teach people how to live a more fulfilling life.

“I believe that living in fullness includes being healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. I believe that the most difficult, and yet, a vital part of changing a person’s lifestyle is renewing their mind. Finding and tearing down negative thoughts and lies that most people think about themselves every day. Most men and women are unable to treat their bodies as temples because they don’t believe that they’re royalty, but that’s exactly who they are!

My desire is to see people live in freedom and start a movement where people are no longer content with settling. Where men and women refuse to live in mediocrity because they realize that they are worth so much more.”



Raegan McCullough is from Iva, SC where she became known for her pageantry expertise. Raegan began training girls for pageantry at the young age of 16. Within her years of coaching, Raegan has had numerous title holders on state and National levels.

Raegan graduated from Clemson University where she was named the 100th Annual Homecoming Queen in 2014. After graduation, Raegan realized her love for fitness and nutrition. Since she began pageants at the age of 14, she was consistently working on her fitness goals and as a senior in high school, her dream was to own her own personal training studio.

Lauren and Raegan’s paths crossed at just the right time and Raegan was able to make her dream a reality by joining Beauty Rocks with Freedom Fitness. Raegan is now a certified trainer and a two year running state finalist for the Miss SC USA pageant system. She also won South Carolina’s “Best Dress” Award in 2018.

“During the course of my life, I have experienced many highs and lows. With great success can come great hurts…especially for high school girls. Being a victim of bullying, abuse and low self-esteem, my beliefs of myself were challenged. I have had to chose between letting what others say about me be my identify or letting what The Father says about me be my identity. I have chosen the latter and it is my heart to encourage every girl to do the same.

Beauty Rocks is more than pageant training, it is LIFE training. I teach my girls that they are greatness and are worthy to be crowned. I encourage their talents and shine light on their spirit. I make it my job to teach that in love there is NO COMPARISON. I desire for Beauty Rocks to be known as a company that loves deeply and pulls the gold out of their girls.”


After years of dieting and cutting all the carby fun out of life, Lauren and Raegan were finally tired of it. They knew there must be another way to lose weight without restraining certain food groups from the body. Each had tried several different diets but making them an enjoyable lifestyle was the downfall.

Freedom Fitness was created to bring freedom back into fitness and nutrition. Based on personal experience and hundreds of observations, Lauren and Raegan believe that anything without freedom is destined to fail.

“Restraining foods from the body can have crazy effects on our minds. As soon as we tell ourselves that a food is out of the picture, our minds continuously taunt us with that very food. We find ourselves craving it so badly that we finally give in and eat it. This tends to lead to self-condemnation and shame… AKA guilt.

For some, the feeling of guilt leads to depression that causes binge eating and gaining excess weight back.

Freedom Fitness wants to put an end to it. We desire for you to live in a flexible, sustainable nutrition lifestyle. If you enjoy it, we want to help you sustain it by giving you the best advice and encouragement that we can.

We are constantly reading articles that keep us up to date with new health discoveries and we are eager to share! Email us TODAY with your questions and concerns! We can’t wait to help you find your Freedom!”