Nutrition Plans

Our desire is for people to know the freedom they have with food. Our nutrition plans are designed to give you options as a guide to get to know your bodies nutritional needs. Our goals is for you to be able to listen and respond correctly to what your body needs for longevity and health, while enjoying the foods you eat!

What are macros?

I’m glad you asked.
A simple definition would be “the correct amount of proteins, fats and carbs a person needs to function at their optimal lever per day.”

These numbers equal a calorie count that YOUR body needs to reach the goals you want. We determined your macros based on your lifestyle and your genetics. They are completely fail proof and 100% individualized for personal success.

Knowing the macros that your body must reach everyday, allows you the freedom to choose what foods you want to eat to reach your protein, carbs and fats.

Macros do consist of discipline and preparation. Though it gives people the freedom to choose how to eat their macros and prevents guilt, they are absolutely not 100% eat all that you want. We like to call it Flexible dieting because Macros do not restrain people from any food; they just tell you when the best time to it eat it is.

This is determined based on how much an individual has already consumed that day. We use a system called the 80, 20 plan.

80% of the time we eat pretty clean and the other 20% we eat sweets and cereal. This has helped us stay healthy and enjoy life all while keeping our macros shame free.

“By using Macros, I have been able to eat my favorite sweets and not feel one bit guilty. To keep track of our foods we use a free app called “MyFitnessPal”. It has a built in restaurant locator, the option to see the menu, a manual food plug in system and a bar code scanner. MyFitnessPal also has the ability to create your own recipes and portion sizes. ”

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