Pageant Training

Beauty Rocks believes each girl brings something special to the competition. We call this the “it factor”. By working with us, we will bring to life your “it factor” on stage and in interview. We coach and assist in Modeling, Swimsuit, Interview and wardrobe/Hair and Makeup selection. Come learn how to Rock your Beauty with us!

We advise that you begin to prepare at least 3 months prior to your pageant or modeling event. These packages are designed for the last month stretch. However, you can use them whenever and however you’d like throughout your pageant training with Beauty Rocks.


Because you deserve to know yourself and be confident in who that person is. 

This package gives us time to break past the walls of insecurities and dig into your hearts core desire. This is crucial for interview and stage persona. After these short 4 weeks, you should feel more prepared and excited than you ever have! If not, then you get your money back!

4 week package: 2 sessions a week (8 sessions)- $400 (save $40)


These 3 weeks will be used to jump right into your why. We will find what makes your heart beat and create an interview and walk that perfectly shows your true character and passion! This package is perfect for those who are getting short on time, but really want to put forth their very best effort. 

3 week package: 3 sessions a week (9 sessions) – $465 (save $30)

Self Worth

Because YOU are worth feeling prepared and confident in your abilities.

These 2 weeks will be life changing. You should be ready to dive head on into interview with the deep heart felt questions. If you do not already know your why, or your life purpose, there is a high chance you will after these 2 weeks. As for on stage walking, I will analyze your walk and see what is worth altering or completely changing for your pageant. Adding too much, can mess with the mind and confidence, this is something we definitely want to avoid. 

2 weeks of time crunch: 5 sessions all together $250 (save $25)

2 weeks of catch up: 6 sessions all together $300 (save $30)

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