With our continual involvement with Special Needs we have learned what true strength actually is. 

True strength is being so sound in who you are, that no man or circumstance can alter your joyous life perspective


True strength at its core is trust. —> Trusting that you are so loved, you can never fail-not at life or a rep in the gym. 

True strength looks at failure as a teacher, not a judge. It learns from mistakes instead of allowing them to identify him


True strength is special and we want to celebrate it and make it known!  

We have chosen to do this by hosting an annual Special Needs “You Are Beautiful” Pageant. This is an opportunity for everyone to see true beauty and strength grace the stage.


We also visit Anderson County’s Rainbow Gang where we get the privilege to train a group of special needs adults! 

If you have a group that you would like us to visit and do a training session with us, please contact us!